Fabulous First Date Ideas: Questions Not To Ask A Guy on A First Date

Conversation during the first date lays down the successful foundation of what to expect from the relationship in the future. If you have met this guy with whom you would like to have not just a second date but could also visualize a long term commitment then don’t ask too personal questions on your first date which push the envelop of decorum and taste. Gals and guys go on a date probably for the same reason of finding companionship, have interesting conversation and loads of fun activities. But when out on a first date both the guy and the girl have different agenda and different things running in their mind. Therefore even though you are drooling over your date, here are some questions which you should not ask a guy on a first date:

  • Never ask a guy how much money he makes especially during your first date. Not only will this make you appear like a gold digger but will make the guy embarrassed and you spoil your chances of getting the next date. It is okay to go ahead and ask questions about his profession but how much money does he actually makes is surely none of your business. Some guys like to brag about how much money they make and how good they are in their profession. You can be a silent listener but don’t ask about his finances, how many homes do he owns and what vehicle does he drive because it will make you appear shallow.
  • Steer away from the topic of ex girlfriend and avoid asking him questions about previous relationships. By asking questions about his past you are raking up unhappy memories and also diverting his attention to a person other than you. If you make the guy remember about his past he may remember humiliating moments and would cease to enjoy even your company. Another question that has to be totally avoided is how many girlfriends has he had. You should also avoid asking the same question if it is put in front of you by the guy. If you are both on a date, it shows that you both are ready to make a fresh start and so don’t let the painful past cast a shadow on your future happiness.
  • Girls usually want to know whether their adultfrinendfinder relationship has a future but guys take their time before making a commitment. So don’t ask a guy whether he is interested in getting married during the first date as it would further scare away the males that are commitment phobic. If you are dating an unknown guy he may say yes to this question in an attempt to bed you but this won’t do a world of good to both of you.
  • Similarly don’t ask him questions like will he be interested in having children as it is not good to confront the guy about long term obligations before you both know each other well.

Last but not the least, don’t ask him if you are looking fat or ugly as it will create tension between you two. Avoid these embarrassing questions during first date to enjoy an evening of pleasure without getting jittery or having butterflies in your stomach.

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